Once Bitten…

They say,
“Once Bitten Twice Shy.”.
Guess then,
My soul is eternally shameless.
Cause I’ve been gnawed
Over and over again.
I’m bleeding.
I’m scarred.
But my stupidity
Dares me to hope
Dares me to dream
Yet again.shutterstock_110273768-255x344
And I do.
Yet again.

You’d say,
It’d hurt less after
Twice or thrice or the gazillionth time.
You’ll say
You are stronger,
That there’s nothing to lose.
But each time you fall,
You hurt a little bit more.
Each time you’re wounded,
You lose another part of you.

Broken and bleeding.
Shattered and dusted.
You come to wonder,
If all dreams are
Worth fighting for…
Is not unconditional faith
Mere stupidity…
Is it worth losing
What little you’ve got?


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