And You.

Wedding tolls,
Bridal gowns,
Wined-cakes and champagne.
And You.
You’re my only thought.

Giggling kiddies,
Swings and roller coasters.
And You.
Together we’d sigh longing sighs.

Hiking and water rafting.
And You.
There’s no adventure without you.

Popcorn and Ice-cream.
And You.
You’d never let my hand go.

Standing wreaths,
Mourning crowds,
Black and white.
And You.
You’d tell me it’ll be alright.

Lazy Sundays
Crazy Mondays,
Late nights and daily drama.
And You.
Cause you are what makes them;

Crazy and fun.
And You,
You keep me going.

You make life worth living.


Again and Again and Again.

“No more will I tire
My empty soul for you.
No more will I litter
My empty days for you.”
Thus, I swear to myself,
Again and again.

But you’d call out to me again,
and I’d sail back to the shore.
Again, you shall take me,
On a journey of your own.
Fill me with hopes, dreams and laughter,
And leave me in an unknown strand,Image

Where I’d wait for you,
Until the winds take me away,
Teach me other breezes of little comforts.

Just as I learn,
To command the waves
To predict the winds,
And to find my way through the snarly oceans,
I’d hear your voice calling out to me,
To go on yet another journey.

I’d remind myself
That you deserted me,
That to you, I’m merely a vessel,
That takes you where you wish to be.

But before I know,
I’d be sailing back
Against hurricanes,
To be with you.

‘Cause to me, you are
The strength that rows my oars,
The breath that gives me life,
The soul that gives me purpose.
Sans you,
I’m merely an empty vessel.