The Unsaid Good-bye


Babbled thousands of words
But not one of them
Turned out to say
What I meant to say.
Before I know
The chance has passed
You’ve walked out the door
Into your destiny.

I cannot hold you back
Your life’s waiting for you
Your adventures are ready.
It’s only a good bye away;
New friends,
And a new life
In a new world
With new dreams.

I may not be in them
But I know one thing
I’ll be in your memories.
I’ll be in a time
You’ll look back fondly at.
I’ll be in your heart
Like you’ll always be in mine.

I never got to hold you tight
And kiss you goodbye
To tell you how much
I’ll be missing you
To say I’m sorry
For all the times
I made you cry.
For all the times
I wasn’t by your side.
To tell you how much
You mean to me…

When you take off today
I won’t be there to say
Our last Good bye.
Cause I know,
That though you’re crying away
This is not the end.
You’ll be back someday
With new feathers and wings
After flying around
In a brave new world
Like you’ve always dreamt about…


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