You are like that least favorite song of mine, which sneaked in to my playlist without my consent; which I listened to only because I was too occupied in my own thoughts to skip.

With time, I began swaying to your beat and embracing your words.

With time, I learnt the depth behind your lyrics, the tenderness behind your music.

With time, I began to search for you among a bunch of songs that I believed I couldn’t live without.

With time, you began to define me and speak for me.

With time, you became more than just a song to me.


It is You…

Behind pealing laughter
And mischievous glee
There’s a tinge of woe
And it is you.

Behind every word
Said to no matter who,
A piece of me wishes
That it is you.

Every time I hear
Footsteps draw closer
I look up in the hope
That it is you.

Every minute I spend
Attempting to grasp
A soul I yearn to touch-
It is you.

Every time we smile
There’s a strain
Waltzing in my heart
And it is you.

Behind every fine day
Without you around
The epitome is truant:
It is you.

Every time I linger
Waiting for something
Know it’s only one thing
And that it is you.

And every fine day
I long for that presence
Which equals heaven
And it is you.