I Wandered

I wandered through the rain,
I wandered through the heat,
The dust shining on my feet,
On top of the sun-burnt skin.
The mud painting my nails,
Raindrops decorating my pants.

I walked till my soles were sore,
Till there’s nowhere near to go.
Every stop I intended to make,
Shun me or flew past me.
I wandered through the day,
I wandered through the night,
Searching for destinations;
For the life I really wish.

I wandered through willowy shades,
I wandered through asphalt torches,
I wandered till there was no path left,
No more places to make destinations.
I wandered till my throat was parched,
And I yearned for any familiar taste.

I wandered back where I began,
Where my life was set for me,
I wandered back knowing,
I’ve exhausted all the paths,
Aware I didn’t sit back sulking,
Letting time and chance take control,
Crush my soul and drag me
Down an exitus road.



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