If it hurts you,
As half as it hurts me,
You wouldn’t walk away.

If it stings you,
Just as it stings me,
But you keep walking away,

You are neither a hero, nor a saint,
Who sacrificed for the good.

But a mere coward,
Who fears the beat of his own heart.


Butterfly in a Dungeon

I was a puny butterfly
Stuck in a dark dungeon
Fluttering around,
Circling impatiently,
Trying to find a way out
Into the world.
You found a way inside,
Dug through the dungeon walls,
Paved me a way out.
Showed me the azure blue skies
And the horizons I could fly into.
Then crushed my wings.

Just You…

Your aura of mild glowing rays
Inked with palettes from the skies
Taken right before the sun set to the seas…
The gleam in your eyes
When you smile
Flickering fireworks in my heart,
With just a tinge of the burn,
But an overdose of the thrill…
Inside I dance,
Leading the breeze with my finger tips,
Swirling with painted clouds,
Until my heart goes free
And clogs my throat.
I swallow it down.
And I gasp for breath.
Slowly taking in the air
You breath out to.
Feeling with my skin
The wind that touched you
Sieving away the rest of the world
And taking in
Your breath
Your smile
Your fragrance
Your warmth
Just you…
And chewing my heart
To stop thumping so loud
And let me hear yours
In blissful peace.