The enthralling darkness,
The music of the silence,
Of the nihilistic nights,
Gave me wings
To fly beyond the walls
Of impossibilities,
To dream
With the spirit of a lark,
With hope,
Like that clenched in a newborn’s fists.

The darkness hauls me,
Into the depths of morbidity.
Blinds me
With no sense of direction.
The silence of the night deafens me.
Plays your voice in my head,
Like that of a thousand crickets
Until the night breaks.
It’s a limbo I cannot break free from
Where there’s no one but me.

I tried to fight the darkness,
But it only thickens as I cut through.
Sucking me in.
I screamed at the top of my lungs,
But it only bled my ears,
Your voice never quivered.

I lay down every night,
And pray for the walls to crumble
And the tiresome world to reveal.
Where the noises are too loud,
For me to hear you.
Through the hustle of the people,
Who drag my body along
With the hands of time…


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