You left me with a ghost,
To keep me warm, in the darkest nights.
And the blistering days.

To haunt my mind,
With memories of once upon a time,
To sink into my depths,
And pull out emotions,
That I bury with concrete,
Each and everyday.
To be there with me,
Whether I limp or float.
To be my measuring scale;
The voice in my head.

Every passing minute,
I concoct a new plot to kill it.

Thicker the prison I make for it,
The grandest break out it makes.
I cut it down,
And it grows three more heads.
I strangle it,
And it slips right through my hands.
I cannot burn it down,
Without burning me along.
I cannot bury it in,
Without burying me along.

You left me with your ghost,
And somehow, you still survive,
Behind your callous mask.


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