I imagine,

That she has sparkling eyes,

That showers you with mystery,

She knows the key

To all that you lock inside,

She has a smile,

That dampens your rough-edged days,

Her wings, humongous and made of steel,

So you feel safe to leave

Your dreams, at her feet.


I guess,

That she has well-manicured nails,

Painted with hot, steamy red,

She walks and talks with sublime airs,

That makes your knees shake,

Knows how to pick her wardrobe right,

What goes with what and whatnot,

That she’s the image of perfection,

That you forget how to breathe,

When she’s by your side.

I hope,

That she holds you tight,

When you aren’t too sure, where you stand,

That she knows exactly what to say,

When the ground seems to quake beneath your feet,

That she’s worth the blood of the heart you broke,

That they redeem your soul

Off the friend you butchered.



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