The Birds that We are…

The caged bird,

I am,

I dream of a day,

I could flap my wings,

In open space,

Feel the wind,

In my face,

And sing at ease;

The free bird,

You are,

You fly beyond clouds

Yet the lull of the winds,

Fill not your hollow heart,

Nor does your songs last,

Your wings are open wide,

But your insides, caged.


Cages and Chains

We build ones,

We live in ones.

We cage ourselves,

We chain those around us.

We give them a name,

A cage of responsibilities,

And chains of expectations.

If they wish to move further,

They better learn,

To carry the cage on their shoulders,

And move only as far

As the chains allow them to.

We cage them so they wouldn’t run,

And play their roles

Assigned by us,

We leash them so they’d stay close,

Always in our vicinity,

So we needn’t fear.

But a cage and chains,

Promise no eternity;

Freedom and wings,

Predict no promiscuity;

Some stay for they choose to stay;

Some stay for they can’t dare to move away;

Some stay for they don’t care either way.

Break Free…

I, a soaring kite,

Against the winds,

Among the clouds.


Navigated around,

By a thread,

That holds me to the ground.


I, getting warped

As the wind blows around me,

Wish to dance along,


To let the storms blow,

Through me,

And lead me to lands, unknown,


But they pull on my string,

Put me back in place,

Fly me to propriety.


I plot to break free,

But my fears fight,

And leave me clinging to the knots;


What if

My paper wings,

Cannot flap by themselves,


What if,

My twig skeleton,

Snaps before the hawking flocks.