Once upon a time,

I watched,

Myself break apart,

The duct-taped pieces,

Crumbling into dust,

While the tape was still intact.


Under lock and key,

I placed a sealed box,

Cramped with these flakes,

I thought, were

Too fragile to face

Yet another war.


Time flew past,

I sleepwalked through life,


But happy, nevertheless-

Until I tumbled upon,

The box of broken pieces.


I ran my fingers,

Reliving those moments,

I felt no pain,

Only a placid sense of joy,

And in these pieces, I saw,

Myself, as I used to be;



I picked up the tainted bits,

Burnt them into ash,

They will haunt me no more.

I took out the duct-tape,

Began to put together the scraps,


For it was time,

I reunite with the crumbs,

Prepare to face, another blow;

For it was time,

I braced myself to be happy,