Once upon a time,

I watched,

Myself break apart,

The duct-taped pieces,

Crumbling into dust,

While the tape was still intact.


Under lock and key,

I placed a sealed box,

Cramped with these flakes,

I thought, were

Too fragile to face

Yet another war.


Time flew past,

I sleepwalked through life,


But happy, nevertheless-

Until I tumbled upon,

The box of broken pieces.


I ran my fingers,

Reliving those moments,

I felt no pain,

Only a placid sense of joy,

And in these pieces, I saw,

Myself, as I used to be;



I picked up the tainted bits,

Burnt them into ash,

They will haunt me no more.

I took out the duct-tape,

Began to put together the scraps,


For it was time,

I reunite with the crumbs,

Prepare to face, another blow;

For it was time,

I braced myself to be happy,






Stripped apart,
Gashed open,
I lie before you.

Surging at your feet,
The gushing out blood,
Of the internal wounds;

The chest bared open,
Revealing my heart,
Risking annihilation;

And the torn flesh,
The dysfunctional organs,
Deep inside of me.

I lie before you,
Like never before.

Stitch my pieces back,
Dress up my wounds,
Help me to my feet again,

Or cleave me into shreds,
Trample on my bits,
And leave me to dead.

I would, just, lie there,
As long as it’s your hands
That are holding the saw…